I had the opportunity to work closely with Caesar on multiple projects. My first interaction was when he was driving high availability effort for Commerce Server. This was a team wide change that Caesar successfully drove across many functional areas. We also worked together on Commerce Server Profile system, Order system and Data Warehouse. Caesar is technically strong, he is detail oriented and is easy to work with. I really enjoyed working with Caesar.

Caesar has a great eye for detail as well as larger strategy and vision. He experiments to find the best solution and he never does anything halfway. We even created the term “caesarizing” for quickly trying out all (and I do mean ALL) of the logical and available solutions to a given problem: “We’ll let him caesarize it and then give us the answer.” I really enjoyed working with Caesar.

Caesar is universally regarded as a go-to source of extremely solid engineering perspective which is always superbly informed. In crisis situations, Caesar remains calm and steadfast and somehow manages to keep a positive and thoughtful outlook. Anyone who has worked closely with Caesar would jump at the chance to work in the same team with him again because his expertise is at the highest level, his customer engagement skills are outstanding and he is just a pleasure to be around.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caesar as a vendor, a partner and finally as a colleague. Caesar has always been the knowledgable and thoughtful backbone of any team I’ve seen him work with. I believe Caesar thrives on the more challenging, multi-faceted problems that require organized reflection before a comprehensive and complete solution can be defined. 

Working with Caesar is a pleasure. He is one of those rare people who deeply understands the technology and architecture but bridges the gap to communicate easily with customers, partners, marketing teams and senior execs – helping each group to truly understand the product and make more effective and strategic decisions. It made my job as product manager much easier!

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